PhD student - University of California Davis / San Diego State University, USA

PhD project (at ISVV)

Quantification of mRNA and miRNA by qPCR in grapevine

  • Supervisor : Sarah COOKSON-WODRICH
  • Funding : Chateaubriand fellowship (4 mo)


My dissertation in the Global Change Research Group at UC Davis focuses on the effects on climate change on vineyards in California, Mexico, and Italy. My first chapter produced a nonlinear phenological model of temperature impacts on phenology using a long-term common garden vineyard at UC Davis. My second chapter analyses microCT x-ray tomography scans to visualize changes in grapevine internal leaf anatomy using samples from Grape FACE in Geisenheim, Germany. In San Diego, we created a diversity block of alternative varieties to test in Southern California for future winemaking. My thesis is an interdisciplinary investigation of adaptations in vineyards, with the goal of sustainable agroecological solutions to the threats of climate change. At ISVV, I am learning methods for testing RNA expression, specifically quantifying mRNA and miRNA by qPCR, to use in later experiments on the effect of elevated carbon dioxide on flowering time genes.

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