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  • Bureau S, Quilot-Turion B, Signoret V, Renaud C, Maucourt M, Bancel D, Renard CM (2013) Determination of composition in sugars and organic acids in peach using mid infrared spectroscopy : comparison of prediction results according to data sets and different reference methods. Analytical Chemistry 85,11312-11318.
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  • Cookson SJ, Ollat N (2013) Grafting with rootstocks induces extensive transcriptional re-programming in the shoot apical meristem of grapevine. BMC Plant Biology 13, 14p.
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  • Evrard A, Kumar M, Lecourieux D, Lucks J, von Koskull-Doring P, Hirt H (2013) Regulation of the heat stress response in Arabidopsis by MPK6-targeted phosphorylation of the heat stress factor HsfA2. PeerJ 1: e59.
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  • Lambert C, Richard T, Renouf E, Bisson J, Waffo-Téguo P, Bordenave L, Ollat N, Merillon JM, Cluzet S (2013) Comparative analyses of stilbenoids in canes of major Vitis vinifera L. cultivars. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 61, 11392-11399.
  • Leroy P, Smits N, Cartolaro P, Deliere L, Goutouly JP, Raynal M, Ugaglia AA (2013) A bioeconomic model of downy mildew damage on grapevine for evaluation of control strategies. Crop Protection 53, 58-71.
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  • Martinez-Lüscher J, Morales F, Delrot S, Sanchez-Diaz M, Gomès E, Aguirreolea J, Pascual I (2013) Short- and long-term physiological responses of grapevine leaves to UV-B radiation. Plant Science 213, 114-122.
  • Nicolas P, Lecourieux D, Gomès E, Delrot S, Lecourieux F (2013) The grape berry-specific basic helixloophelix transcription factor VvCEB1 affects cell size. Journal of Experimental Botany 64, 991-1003.
  • Parker AK, Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri I, Chuine I, Barbeau G, Bois B, Boursiquot JM, Cahurel JY, Claverie M, Dufourcq T, Geny L, Guimberteau G, Hofmann RW, Jacquet O, Lacombe T, Monamy C, Ojeda H, Panigai L, Payan JC, Lovelle BR, Rouchaud E, Schneider C, Spring JL, Storchi P, Tomasi D, Trambouze W, Trought M, van Leeuwen C (2013) Classification of varieties for their timing of flowering and veraison using a modelling approach: A case study for the grapevine species Vitis vinifera L. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 180, 249-264.
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  • van Leeuwen C, Roby JP, Alonso-Villaverde V, Gindro K (2013) Impact of clonal variability in Vitis vinifera Cabernet franc on grape composition, wine quality, leaf blade stilbene content, and downy mildew resistance. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 61, 19-24.
  • van Leeuwen C, Schultz HR, Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri I, Duchene E, Ollat N, Pieri P, Bois B, Goutouly JP, Quenol H, Touzard JM, Malheiro AC, Bavaresco L, Delrot S (2013) Why climate change will not dramatically decrease viticultural suitability in main wine-producing areas by 2050. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 3051-3053.
  • Vincent J, Dai Z, Ravel C, Choulet F, Mouzeyar S, Bouzidi MF, Agier M, Martre P (2013) dbWFA: a web-based database for functional annotation of Triticum aestivum transcripts. Database bat014.



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