Missions and Objectives

The scientific project of UMR EGFV aims to understand and control the impact of the environment on the biological and physiological processes that control the development, yield and content of grapes in response to the climate, in particular in the context of global change.

The research is organised around an integrative biology project focusing on the plant, the various organs, and cell metabolism. The root system and rootstocks are among the key-targets of interest. The project involves skills in vineyard agronomy, bioclimatology, ecophysiology, modelling, biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics. Scientific areas are to :

  • Analyze and model the interaction between scion and rootstock. Study effects of rootstock on grapevine adaptation to water stress.
  • Study and model grape berry quality with emphasis on secondary metabolism in relation to climate change.

From an operational perspective, this research aims to produce knowledge and tools to answer questions arising from professional structures, particularly the wine-growing industry.

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